Who are we? Good question.  We are Veterans, Active Duty, Firefighers, Law Enforcement, Emergency Workers, their families and Friends...  We are Americans.  We choose to come together to achieve goals because we recognize that by contributing our talents and resources we can improve the lives of those who have served, or are actively serving our Nation, our Community.  We are your neighbors, and your friends.

Our motto's "Decemuir gladium spem"
(Keepers of  the Sword of Hope) and "Iunctus stamus" (We Stand United) pretty much say it all.  We believe that one of the greatest character traits a person can have is altruism. ( the belief in or practice of selfless concern for the well-being of others)

Who are we?
We are your neighbors and friends.  We just set on ourselves a higher standard of behavior and community involvement.  We choose to in our daily lives follow the six guidelines in the way we live our lives.

1. Character Strength
2. Sincerity
3. Etiquette
4. Self Control
5. Promote concept of minimum effort to obtain maximum efficiency and derive mutual prosperity
6. Effort. 

Who are we? We are of every race, every heritage, every Gender,  in these great United States of America.  We recognize the strength of diversity while standing united in cause.  We are Americans who believe that honorable service to one's country is a sign of strong character.  We each invest our energy, our time, our resources to promote the principles and values that have throughout the history of our Nation kept it strong.  We respect, honor, and commit to defend the Constitution of the United States, and the rights preserved by the Constitution.  We are Veterans, Active Duty, their families and Friends and we work to encourage our brethren through acts of altruism.  We do not do what we do to draw attention to ourselves individually.  We serve together for the betterment of our fellow Veterans, our Community, and our Nation.

Who are we? We are the Military Order of the Lancers

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