The Military Order of the Lancers is an ALTRUISTIC Trust.  We are Veterans, Active Duty, Law Enforcement, Fire, Rescue, and Citizens of the Community working together for the betterment of the communities in which we live and serve. 

We believe in honoring those who have served in our Nation's Military honorably, and our Nation's Homeland Heroes.

We work together pooling our skills, talents, and resources to do those things that help better the lives of Veterans, their families, Active Duty and their families, their friends and the community at large.

We believe in the Constitution of the United States, and the structure of government thereof.  We respect authority, and abide by law.  We believe in bettering our Nation by service and involvement.  We believe that patriotism begins with service, and is recognized by effort.

Founder :  Edward Moore   1864

Board of Advisors Chairman: Paul Siverson

National Chairman: John M. Moore  

National Chaplain: Randall Butler

National Secretary: Pat Walker

National Judge Advocate: Randall Jolman
National Assistant Judge Advocate Roy Linscott III

Overseers Board Seat 1: Cedric Spearman
Overseers Board Seat 2: Jack Martin
Overseers Board Seat 3: Pastor Phil Shepard
Overseers Board Seat 4: Roy Linscott III
Overseers Board Seat 6: Patricia Walker

Communications: Ms. L. Barrows

Chapter 1017 San Diego                               Grand Lancer Tim Hines

Chapter 1901 Chicago                                  Robert Ortega

Chapter 2101 Natick Mass                             Grand Lancer Bob Wells

Chapter 1776 Boston  at large                        Roy Linscott III

Chapter 1907 Craven County NC                   Grand Lancer Axel Narvez

Chapter 04  Swansboro                                Grand Lancer Matthew Hayslip
Firefighter and EMS Volunteers                     Swansboro Rescue

Chapter 2705 Jacksonville (Riders)                Grand Lancer Paul Levesque

Chapter 1020 Wilmington                              Grand Lancer Martin Yamikovich
St. Stanislaus Catholic Church

Chapter 1 Jacksonville NC                             Grand Lancer Steve Leffingwell

Chapter 2  Stella NC                                      Grand Lancer Casper VandeHei

Chapter 3 Haws Run NC                                Grand Lancer Mike Caley

Chapter 4 Swansboro NC                              Grand Lancer Matthew Haislip

Chapter 5 Morehead City NC                         Grand Lancer Pending

Chapter 7       Jacksonville NC                       Grand Lancer Sean Curtis
Meets at The Angry Ginger Irish Pub

Chapter 8 Hubert NC                                     Grand Lancer Joseph Williams

Chapter 10 Law Enforcement Detachment       Grand Lancer Randall Butler