he Military Order of the Lancers (MOTL) began as the Lancer Foundation generations ago in the Moore family in recognition of the selfless acts to help others by the Presidential Guard during the Civil War in the year 1864 under the direction of Edward Moore.  Over the Generations the family foundation headed by Charlotte Moore of Natick Mass. helped many who served this nation find places to live, jobs, and ways to continue to serve their communities. 

After her death in 1989 the gauntlet passed to Charles Moore and after his death to John M. Moore.  Since 1997 John M. Moore has allowed those who chose to become Lancers to join the altruistic effort. 

Since 1997 the Lancer Foundation (now Military Order of the Lancers) has funded and provided the Onslow County Veterans and Active Duty Family and Friends Fun Day Retreat, attended over the past 17 years by more than 35,000 Active Duty, Prior Service Military, Homeland Heroes and their families in the Onslow County area of North Carolina.

The organization has sponsored "Operation Deployed Santa" for 24 years providing toys for over 30,000 children since it's inception.

We have donated time and labor after three hurricanes and two tornadoes, with our volunteers fixing roofs, repairing porches, finding housing for, providing meals for, and transportation for Veterans affected by the storms.

Members of the Military Order of the Lancers have provided shelter, fuel assistance, food, even transportation to Veterans when able throughout our community.  Often these are done as individual acts of kindness, with no request for recognition or compensation.

Members of the Military Order of the Lancers also assist in the community, VSO's, Local Charities, and other volunteer not for profit community services.  Others work in Law Enforcement, serve on Rescue Squads and Fire Departments.  As Lancers, they are held to the highest of standards, and live their lives accordingly.

In times of crisis our chapters come together to pool our resources and work together to get the job done. 

hen requested Lancers also provide their talents to assist the missions of other Veteran Service Organizations in the local community.

Everyone has talent and skills.  Recognizing them and using them is how great things are achieved.    When you register as a Lancer, you are asked what skills and talents you are willing to share.  We then pool your talents and skills with other volunteers in your area.  Opportunities to serve are often posted on this website on the "opportunities to Serve" page, and on our facebook page.  No one is required to do more than that which they are comfortable and able to do. 

The Lancers have never been and never will be about any ONE individual, but is all about one mission.  We believe that working together Veterans and Active Duty can have positive effects on the community in which they live and serve.

Our motto has ALWAYS been, "You can do a little with a lot... or a lot with a little, it all depends on organization and effort."  Are you ready to be a member of our team of doers... Who work together for our Veterans and Active Duty.   Being a Lancer is a way of life, a choice to serve others who serve and have served.

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